What is urgent care all about?

According to the greatest resource online, Wikipedia, urgent care is basically a mini version of a hospital, however instead of offering every known solution to sickness known to man these facilities help patients that need help immediately. To understand this better, let’s take a look at some familiar and popular urgent care facilities like the Mednow. Mednow is a popular group that offers urgent care in Modesto CA in more than one location. This facility offers solutions to common illnesses and injuries that people might experience.

I know this might sound boring but some people are probably not even aware that these facilities exist and that’s why this blog was created – to educate people and help them. Among the services Mednow offers are flu shots, yearly check-ups, physicals, treatments for rashes, employee injurie and much more.

An urgent care center does sound a lot like a normal doctor’s office however at such a facility you would normally have access to wider variety of medical staff as well as don’t have make appointments. Visiting these medical centers are great for situations when you need immediate help or attention and it’s not a case of going to the hospital or your local doctor is too busy.

Here’s more about urgent care facilities:

Do hair weaves pose any health risks?

Don’t ask me was I looking for this particular topic – it’s a whole different story but I ended up discovering kinky curly weave hair extensions. As a guy I’m not really into hair extensions, weaves and kinky curly weaves. I’ve been aware that hair extensions are popular among women to some extent but had no idea the effect it had on the African American women sub culture. Using hair extensions, especially popular ones like kinky curly weaves, are very common among these groups of women.

I started thinking whether using hair weaves had any negative effect on a person’s health or his/her hair health to be more exact. I would imagine that an overuse of hair products ranging from mouse to gels and what have you can have a negative effective on the health of your hair. That being said grooming and keeping their hair healthy is almost a daily ritual for most women. I’ve seen women use a whole range of products to make their hair look shiny and healthy – a lot more than I would expect.

Getting back to the issue at hand, does the use of hair extensions lead to negative effects of hair health among women? Urban Bush Babes wrote an article about the pros and cons of hair weaves called Pros, cons & successful tips when wearing weaves while natural.

Using hair weaves do pose some negatives and possible health risks but after reading the article from Urban Bush Babes I can see why some women like using them. Using hair weaves gives a woman a completely different look without having to wait for her hair to grow or place a lot of stress on it. Besides that women tend to save a lot of time wearing hair weaves and best of the entire can easily wash these weaves or color it. It sounds weird but in a sense wearing a wig or weave can even end up protecting their natural hair.

Setting aside the pros let’s take a look at some of the negative effects:

  • Hair weaves can lead to temporary hair loss known as traction alopecia
  • Women can start neglecting their natural hair which can to a dry scalp and all kinds of nasty things growing under that weave.
  • Like natural hair a weave needs constant maintenance and isn’t cheap

That being said the point mentioned above weren’t from a scientific resource so please use at your own discretion. However it seems that using kinky curly hair weaves or any hair weaves for that matter does have its benefits and negatives. It’s pretty safe to use a weave, just remember to still keep taking care of your natural hair when doing so.


What you need to know about Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is one of the most done plastic surgery procedures carried out in the United Kingdom. In 2014, it was estimated that over 50,000 procedures were carried out. The surgery is mainly for those men and women who do not like the sizes and shape of their noses. The procedure is commonly known as rhinoplasty or nose reshaping surgery or a “nose job”. It has been proven safe and effective time-tested cosmetic solution.

The balancing of facial features can be achieved if; the procedure is done by a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon. The surgery can help bring back your confidence by correcting your structural defect. Apart from the beauty and looks benefits, rhinoplasty has also been used to correct nose defects that have led to breathing problems.

The surgery is done by a plastic surgeon sculpting the nose’s cartilage and bone. The surgeon’s aim is to make sure that the desired look is achieved (usually a digital mock up is used before the operation). Before considering undergoing rhinoplasty, there are a few important things you need to consider. The things to consider include its cost, the possible risks and if the benefits will outweigh this.

The majority of people who opt for nose reshaping surgery are mostly people who are not satisfied with the appearance of their noses. These are people who wish to improve and correct the proportions of their facial features. However, a few percentages of rhinoplasty candidates are patients who have discomfort or breathing problems because of structural abnormalities or previous nose injuries. The optimal patients for rhinoplasty are in good general health and fully know about the risks related to surgery, and have realistic expectations regarding the surgery results.

A good candidate for nose reshaping cosmetic surgery should be:

A person having a nose that he or she feels is too big or too small in relation to other facial features. He or she should be having a bump on the bridge of the nose. The candidate should be having breathing related problems due to internal nose structure. People with asymmetrical nose injuries are also suitable for the surgery.

People with a nasal tip that droops, protrudes, or is enlarged due to a bulbous tip can opt for the surgery.

Among teenagers, Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries. This is because most teenagers worry daily about the way they look. However, it is a major consideration for both a teenage candidate and their doctor to consider whether nose reshaping is an appropriate cosmetic surgery option at the moment.

Doctors should ensure that the decision to undergo rhinoplasty is the patient’s choice, putting in place other factors like peer or parental pressure. Regardless of those factors, doctors recommend that girls should wait until age 14 or 15, and the boys should wait a few additional years to undergo rhinoplasty. This is because the nose should have finished growing after that period of time.

For more information on Nose Jobs anywhere in the UK, You can check out this website: http://nosejobcost.co.uk


Dermatology and your skin

Dermatologists? I thought this blog was about being healthy, taking care of your teeth and improving your body? We’ll remember I talked about not getting medical professionals to write for my blog? Somehow my efforts are paying off and I’m actually getting inquiries from other websites that want to get a link back from my website. Granted they’ll at least help me provide you with some value and give my readers some useful medically related information as planned.

I’m the kind of guy that has always been lucky with my skin. Sure I got some pimples now and then but never really any full on acne outbreaks like some of my friends. I personally think that skin care, especially under men, does not get treated as well or even taken lightly. However this is another very important part of your body that can lead to serious damage like scars that just won’t heal, skin cancer and more if you don’t take care of it.

A Dermatologist who is actually the same as a Doctor, with a bonus of having studied a few years extra, can help with almost any skin related problem from acne to cosmetic Dermatology and more. Whenever I hear the word cancer I get goosebumps so maybe it’s time for me to go for a checkup at my local Dermatologist? When last did you take a close look at your skin? Do you protect yourself against the sun by wearing sun screen (another topic that I can probably write a whole post about).

Because my knowledge regarding Dermatology is a bit limited I found a video giving you some insight. Here’s a video explaining the difference between a Dermatologist and beautician.

Doctors don’t like me…

No I haven’t been sick again or it wasn’t some weird incident. Recently I was trying to get Doctors and other medical professionals on board to write a few blog posts for my blog. However I have yet to successfully convince one of them to climb on board. I’d rather not list the reasons they mentioned because then you too might stop reading my blog for all you. For now seems like you’ll be stuck with me and my general medical knowledge backed up by some serious researching.

For today’s post I’m just going to leave you with a great YouTube video I watched earlier today. Have I mentioned I love watching YouTube videos? It’s amazing the content people put online and if you look close enough you can find some great medical advice and best of all its free!

Watch what Lisa Rankin says is the truth about your health…


Preventing Cavities – Tips from your local Dentist

I mentioned earlier that one of my biggest health problems is dental orientated. I get cavities often and would really like to find ways to stop it from happening. So when I was offered a chance to get some tips from the Brackenfell Dentist website (another Dentist in South Africa) I didn’t hesitate a bit. It seems that my previous post made some headway over there. At the end of the post you’ll find links to their website and blog.

Cavities aren’t for a select few, millions of Americans and people across the world have them. There are many factors that cause these cavities but essentially they are from bacteria in your mouth. When you have a cavity or little whole forming in your tooth it actually means that your tooth has an infection. The foods we eat play a big role in our dental health. When it comes to cavities forming it can often times be due to diets with high sugar intake. Your mouth takes the sugar or bacteria and then turns it into an acid witch finds your teeth and eats tiny little holes in them.

At first these holes can’t be seen by the naked eye but over time they grow and increase in size till a cavity is formed. Alarmingly this process happens every time you eat sugar; your body turns the bacteria into acid which finds your teeth and makes tiny holes. However when you’re not eating your body is busy fighting against these bacteria and takes minerals from your saliva to repair and protect your teeth. It’s a constant loss of minerals vs minerals gained in your teeth. Repair vs breaking down…

Essentially when the scales are tipped and your losing more minerals than your body can produce a cavity is formed and that nasty little hole becomes visible. The question is: how do you prevent cavities from forming, how can I protect my body?

Your body will use minerals such as the fluoride found in your tooth paste to protect against these holes. Furthermore although it might not be possible you should try and brush your teeth after every meal. This ensures that all the bacteria and food is washed away and no cavities can be formed. However an alternative or the next best thing would be to eat some sugar free gum or even simply drink a glass of water to help with the cleansing process.

Staying away from sugar filled and carbonated drinks will also go a long way in protecting yourself against cavities. However as Americans we know that would nearly be impossible so instead try and drink the soda as quickly as possible and not sip on it for long time periods as this will act as a constant source of acid for the bacteria in your mouth and promote cavities. The same concept can be applied to eating hard candy, rather eat it all at once than sucking it throughout the whole day and afterwards brush your teeth.

You should also brush your teeth at least twice a day in the morning and at night before going to bed. As in between those time periods multiple bacteria and acids are forming which needs to be rinsed of from your teeth to ensure it stays healthy. Another very important habit would be flossing. This is something people often miss or forget about but it’s almost more important than brushing. What flossing does is cleans your teeth where the brush simply can’t go, cleaning out all the bacteria and sugar.

To conclude I want to thank the Brackenfell Dentists for this great article. I know that it definitely helped me understand cavities and how to protect myself against them a lot better. Looks like it’s time for me to stop eating all those yummy candies…

Tips for starting a healthy lifestyle

Often times I preach about how important it is to live healthy, eat healthy, get regular exercise, enough sleep and so on. But the big thing I and so many medical professionals neglect to say is where actually to start and because I’m feeling a little lazy today and that people learn better through videos than reading I’ve gone and found a great video to give you some health tips for the day.

Here are some tips to get started…

Clearing the air…

Let’s get something straight: I’m not a Doctor… This is something you probably don’t want to hear from a medical or health focused blog, but I want to be clear instead of misleading you. I’m a very health conscious person and I love helping other people get healthy. Sometimes I think I should have been a Doctor and I even have some Doctor friends. But I want to be clear that I will not give you bad information! If I post is placed on this website it will be from a reputable source, a Doctor, Medical professional or extremely well researched. Sometimes I might even simply write I post about my opinion on how things work, how I perceive it and how people perceive it.

Like I said I’m a health fanatic. I believe in living a balanced live, not smoking, not drinking a lot, not eating bad foods, exercising and a lot more. That doesn’t mean that at one point in time I surpassed all that was mentioned before and did the exact opposite because I did. Luckily I stopped all the bad habits I had before they became permanent and caused real damage to my body.

I strongly believe that God created all of us equal with many different talents and a body with almost unlimited potential. Every day we are amazed as humans of the amazing thing people achieve with their body. I tell you, we haven’t even unlocked 10% of our potential yet. All the more reason you should look after your health, your body, your mind. However there are still things I struggle with regularly and I hope I can find some medical professionals to comment on these issues and give tips.

Medical Conferencing to medical help…

Welcome all to the Medicon 2007 medical blog! Yes the year is 2015 and the title 2007 is not a mistake. Previously this website was for medical professionals who attended a conference in 2007 called the Medicon 2007. After the conference was finished this website withered away until we decided it’s time to shift our focus from medical practitioners to patients and ordinary people. We want to turn this into a informational website, blog or hub for people seeking medical advice. We’ll also be getting some of our contacts in the medical industry, Doctors, Dentists, Surgeons and more to post some great articles.

Here’s more about the Medicon 2015 that took place during August. Take a look at the Medicon website here.