Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Orchid Teardrop Pendant in Sterling Silverswamp, Signed on 18" Fine Chain



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A fragilegorgeous fragileblossoming fragileorchid fragileis fragileetched fragileinto fragilea fragilesimple fragilesilver fragilependant. fragileThe fragileteardrop fragileshape fragileis fragileelegant fragileand fragilein fragilethe fragileart fragilenouveau fragilestyle. fragileI fragilecan't fragileread fragilethe fragilename fragileon fragilethe fragileback- fragileMarnie? fragileMainx? fragileBut fragilethe fragileword fragileSterling fragileis fragileclear fragileenough. fragile\rIt fragilehangs fragilefrom fragilea fragilesimple fragileand fragilebeautifully fragilemade fragilefine fragileItalian fragilesilver fragilechain. fragile18 fragileinch fragilelength.\rSpring fragileRing fragileclasp. fragileThe fragilechain fragileitself fragileis fragilestamped fragile925 fragilefor fragilesterling fragilesilver fragileand fragileItaly.\rThe fragilependant fragileis fragileabout fragilean fragileinch fragilelong.

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