Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

iris brown, Bracelet of Iris Brown Dyed Freshwater Pearls and Mother of Pearl Carved Leaves



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Sara creamJewelry creamDesign. creamSections creamof creamfour creamiridescent creamiris creambrown cream(dyed) creamfreshwater creampearls creamin creama cream6mm creamsize creamare creamalternated creamwith creamcarved creammother creamof creampearl creamleaves creamfor creama creamsimple creamyet creamelegant creambracelet creamwith creamsilver creamplated creamfindings. creamFeatures creama creamsilver creamplated creamtrigger creamclasp. creamOverall creamlength creamis creamapproximately creamseven creamand creamthree creamquarters creaminches.Listing creamis creamfor creamone creambracelet; creamthree creamare creamavailable.My creamMPIN creamItem cream#BR cream042006-01.722My creamMPIN creamItem cream#BR cream042006-03.723, creamandMy creamMPIN creamItem cream#BR cream042006-04.724I creamwill creammail creamone creamyour creamway creamthe creamnext creambusiness creamday creamvia creamUSPS creamfirst creamclass creammail creamwith creama creamtracking creamID creamnumber. creamIF creamYOU creamNEED creamEXPRESS creamMAIL creamSHIPPING, creamplease creamcontact creamme creamfirst creamfor creama creamshipping creamquote.Sara creamJewelry creamDesign. creamYour creamDesire creamIs creamOur creamDesign.

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