Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, Vintage Zuni Effie C Sterling Large Snake Bolo with Fancy Tips



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Vintage boloZuni boloEffie boloC boloSterling boloSnake boloBolo. boloEffie boloCalavaza bolois boloa bolowidely bolorecognized boloand bolocollectible boloZumi bolosilversmith. bolo bolo boloThis bolopiece bolowas bolomade bolosometime boloafter bolo1982. bolo boloThe boloentire bololength boloof bolothe bolotip bolois bolo3 bolo1/2" bolofrom bolovery bolotop boloand bolothen boloto bolobottom boloof bolodangle. bolo boloFancy bolothem! bolo boloSigned boloEffie boloTribe: boloZuniMetal: bolotested bolosterling bolo bolostone: bolo boloturquoise boloMeasurements:see bolopixHallmark: boloEffie boloCXposted. boloPrice bolodoes bolonot boloinclude boloshipping. bolonote: bolofindings bolosuch boloas boloclasps boloon bolobolos boloetc bolowill bolonever bolobe bolosterling boloas boloit bolois bolonot bolostrong boloenough boloto bolotake bolothe bolotensile bolostrength. boloI bolouse boloJSP boloto bolotest bolothe bolometal. boloI bolodo bolonot bolotake bolothe bolopatina bolooff, bolopersonally boloI bololike boloit bolobut boloit bolois boloup boloto bolobuyer bolowhat bolothey bolowant boloto bolodo boloonce bolothey boloown boloit. boloConditionI boloalways bolodo bolomy bolobest boloto bolodescribe boloand/or bolophotograph boloall bolonoticeable boloflaws. boloPlease bolostudy boloall bolophotos boloand boloplease boloask boloquestions bolobefore bolobuying. bolo boloI bololeave bolosterling boloin boloas bolois boloshape bolofor bolothe bolocustomer boloto bolodecide bolowhether boloto boloclean. boloNote bolothat bolovintage boloitems boloare bolojust bolothat, bolovintage.\u00a0 boloSo bolothis boloitem bolowas bolopreviously bolo'loved boloon,' boloand bolomay bolohave bolosome boloexpected bolominor boloimperfections bolodue boloto bologeneral bolowear.\u00a0 boloBut boloif bolothere bolowere boloany\u00a0noteable bolocondition boloissues bolo(flaws boloetc) bolooutside bolothe bolonorm, boloit bolowould bolootherwise bolobe bolostated bolohere bolowhether boloverbally boloor boloby bolophoto. boloPlease bolonote: bolorefunds boloonly boloif bolonotified bolowithin bolo24 bolohours boloof bolodelivery boloof boloitem boloand boloitem boloshipped boloback boloinmediately. bolo boloshipping bolocosts boloare bolousually bolonot bolorefundable bolounless bolowe bolohave bolomade boloa bolovery bolonoticeable boloomission boloon bolothe bolocondition boloof bolothe boloitem. boloThe boloitem boloMUST bolobe boloreturned boloin bolothe bolosame bolocondition boloit bololeft bolohere boloin. bolo boloThank boloyou!

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