Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

chunky, Sterling Silver Double Bananas Bracelet



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This chunkyis chunkya chunkybeautiful chunkybracelet chunkythat chunkyreally chunkymakes chunkya chunkystatement! chunkyHand-crafted chunkyin chunkysterling chunkysilver, chunkyfrom chunkya chunkycarved chunkywax chunkymodel, chunky8 chunky"double-banana" chunkycomponents chunkyare chunkylinked chunkywith chunkysimple chunkysilver chunkyrings. chunkyThe chunkybracelet chunkycloses chunkywith chunkya chunkysmaller chunkybanana-shaped chunkytoggle chunkythat chunkyslips chunkycleverly chunkythrough chunkyan chunkyopening chunkyin chunkyone chunkyof chunkythe chunkycomponents. chunkyEach chunkycomponent chunkyis chunkyabout chunky1" chunkyx chunky3/4" chunkyand chunkythe chunkybracelet chunkyis chunkyabout chunky6 chunky3/4" chunkyfrom chunkyend chunkyto chunkyend. chunkyFinished chunkyto chunkya chunkysparkly chunkyfrost, chunkyit's chunkybeen chunkyone chunkyof chunkymy chunkymost chunkypopular chunkydesigns.

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