Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

trendy, Gorgeous natural picture jasper multistrand necklace



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Gorgeous seed beadnatural seed beadpicture seed beadjasper seed beadteardrop seed beadpendant seed bead(1-1/2") seed beadon seed beadmultistrand seed beadnecklace seed beadmade seed beadwith seed beadpicture seed beadjasper, seed beadmother seed beadof seed beadpearl, seed beadSwarovski seed beadcrystals, seed beadand seed beadglass seed beadseed seed beadbeads. seed beadSterling seed beadsilver seed beadpetal seed beadcones seed beadand seed beadclasp seed beadand seed beadsigned seed beadwith seed beadsterling seed beadengraved seed beadJulia seed bead seed beadtag. seed beadMeasures seed bead18 seed beadinches. seed beadItem seed bead#JBD786Price: seed bead$79.00

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