Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wearable art, Multistrand necklace with handmade polymer clay koi pendant



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Multistrand light bluenecklace light bluewith light bluehandmade light bluepolymer light blueclay light bluekoi light bluependant light blue(1-1/4") light bluewith light bluestrands light blueof light bluesnow light bluequarz, light bluemoonstone light bluegemstone light bluebeads, light bluemother light blueof light bluepearl, light blueand light blueCzech light blueglass light bluebeads. light blueSilver light blueplated light bluefindings light blueand light bluesigned light bluewith light bluesterling light blueengraved light blueJulia light blue light bluetag. light blueMeasures light blue22 light blueinches. light blueItem light blue#N785

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