Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

hippie, Cool hippie necklace made with clay flower beads SALE



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Cool carved flowerhippie carved flowernecklace carved flowermade carved flowerwith carved flowerclay carved flowerflower carved flowerbeads, carved flowerCzech carved flowerglass carved flowerleaves, carved floweroff-white carved flowerand carved flowersmoky carved flowerfaceted carved flowerglass carved flowerbeads, carved flowerand carved flowerred carved flowerjasper carved flowergemstone carved flowerbeads, carved flowerand carved flowerMOP carved flower(mother carved flowerof carved flowerpearl) carved flowercarved carved flowerflower carved flowerpendant. carved flowerSigned carved flowerJulia carved flower. carved flowerThere carved floweris carved flowera carved flowersimilar carved flowerblue carved flowerversion carved flowerof carved flowerthis carved flowernecklace carved floweron carved flowerpage carved flower3.Item carved flower#N658

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