Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

collage art, Retro Paris Daydream Art Collage With French Quote Pendant Necklace



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A frenchParis frenchdaydream frenchis frenchthe frenchtheme frenchof frenchthis frenchoriginal frenchretro frenchcollage frenchart frenchpendant frenchnecklace. frenchEmbedded frenchin frenchthe frenchsquare frenchare frencha frenchFrench frenchquote frenchfrom frenchBaron frenchPhilippe french(1902-1988), frencha frenchreddish frenchorange frenchbutterfly, frenchand frenchan frenchimage frenchof frenchthe frenchEiffel frenchTower. frenchThe frenchbaron's frenchquote, frenchloosely frenchtranslated, frenchmeans french"Wine frenchis frenchborn, frenchit frenchlives, frenchbut frenchit frenchnever frenchdies; frenchin frenchman frenchit frenchsurvives."I frenchclipped frenchall frenchof frenchthe frenchtiny frenchwords frenchand frenchimages frenchfrom frenchmagazines frenchand frenchlayered frenchthem frenchin frenchliquid frenchpolymer frenchclay frenchover frenchsolid frenchpolymer frenchclay. frenchThe frenchcool frenchbluish frenchgreens frenchare frenchcomplimented frenchbeautifully frenchby frenchthe frenchreddish frenchorange frenchbits. frenchAfter frenchbaking frenchthe frenchpendant, frenchI frenchlayered frenchon frenchclear frenchresin frenchfor frencha frenchglassy frenchfinish.I frenchhung frenchthis frenchpendant frenchon frenchsimple frenchblack frenchleather frenchcord frenchand frenchtrimmed frenchit frenchwith frenchtwo frenchwood frenchbeads. frenchThe frenchextension frenchchain frenchis frenchtrimmed frenchwith frencha frenchrich frenchorange frenchceramic frenchbead frenchand frencha frenchfrosted frenchteal frenchglass frenchseed frenchbead. frenchThe frenchsquarish frenchpendant frenchmeasures french1.75 frenchinches frenchwide frenchby french1.5 frenchinches frenchtall. frenchThe frenchnecklace frenchadjusts frenchbetween french20 frenchand french24.75 frenchinches, frenchfastening frenchwith frencha frenchbrass frenchlobster frenchclaw frenchclasp.

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