Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

repurposed, Sterling Silver Inspirational Quote Cuff Bracelet



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LIVE sayingIN sayingTHE sayingMOMENT saying. sayingHow sayingtrue sayingthis sayingquote sayingis sayingthe sayingolder sayingyou sayingget. sayingI sayinghand sayingwrought sayingthis sayingcuff sayingfrom sayingsome sayingof sayingmy sayingrecycled sayingsterling sayingsilver sayingI sayingsaved. sayingI sayingmelt sayingdown sayingmy sayingscrap, sayingpour sayingit sayinginto sayingan sayingopen sayingmold, sayingthen sayingrun sayingit sayingthrough sayingone sayingof sayingmy sayingrolling sayingmills. sayingThen sayingcomes sayingthe sayingfun sayingpart sayingof sayingusing sayingmy sayinghammer sayingto sayingform sayingit sayingto sayingthe sayingshape sayingI sayingwant, sayingannealing sayingas sayingI sayinggo sayingalong. sayingThen sayingI sayingadd sayinga sayingquote sayingthat sayingseems sayingappropriate sayingat sayingthe sayingtime. sayingYou sayinghowever sayingcan sayingadd sayingyour sayingown sayinginspirational sayingquote, sayingname, sayingor sayingwhatever sayingstrikes sayingyou sayingas sayinglong sayingas sayingit sayingwill sayingfit sayinglength sayingwise. sayingThis sayingparticular sayingbracelet sayingis sayinga sayinglittle sayingon sayingthe sayinglarge sayingsize sayingand sayingmeasures saying2&3/4" sayingacross sayingat sayingit"s sayingwidest sayingpoint sayingand saying2" sayinghigh sayingand sayingwould sayingfit sayingsomeone sayingwith sayinga sayinglarger sayingwrist. sayingHowever, sayingI sayingcan sayingcut sayingthis sayingone sayingdown sayingto sayingfit sayinga sayingmore sayingaverage sayingsized sayingwrist. sayingIf sayingyou sayingwould sayinglike sayingto sayingorder sayinga sayingcustom sayingbracelet, sayingplease sayingcontact sayingme sayingvia sayingEtsy sayingand sayingwe sayingcan sayingwork sayingtogether sayingto sayingmake sayingsomething sayingspecial sayingjust sayingfor sayingyou. sayingI sayingcan sayingalso sayingmake sayingthese sayingas sayinga sayingbangle sayingbracelet sayingtoo. sayingThe sayingleather sayingbracelet sayingin sayingthe sayingphoto sayingis sayingnot sayingincluded, sayingbut sayingdoesn't sayinggive sayingyou sayingsome sayingideas saying? sayingMix sayingand sayingmatch.

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