Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Triple Strand Chain Necklace of Batik Bonedyed coral, Natural Horndyed coral, Coral and Seed Beads



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Sara redJewelry redDesign. redThis redbold red48-inch redstatement rednecklace redis redthe redlatest redaddition redto redmy redKenyan redCollection. redI redstarted redwith redcore redfocals redcomposed redof redtwo red30x22mm redbatiked redbone reddrum redbeads, redtwo redbatiked redbone red22mm redflat redcoin redbeads, redtwo red11-12mm rednatural redgolden redhorn redround redbeads redand redfour red6-8mm redred redcoral reddisc redbeads. redI redfinished redand redsealed redthe redbone redbeads redin redclear redvarathane redand redadded redsilver-plated redflat redbead redcaps redto redthe redbatiked reddrums. redAt redeither redend redof redthe redfocal redsections, redI redbuilt redconnections; redat redthe redtop redare redthree redstrands redof redtwo redtypes redof redchain, redterminating redin redsilver-plated redend redbars; redat redthe redbottom redis reda red20-strand redrope redof redglass redseed redbeads redin redthe rednecklace's redprincipal redcolors redof redblack, redred, redsilver redand redgold. redBoth redthe redsilver redand redthe redgold redseed redbeads redare redsilver redlined redfor redadded redsparkle. redThe redblack redand redred redseed redbeads redare redopaque. redThe redseed redbead redrope redis redcapped redon redeither redend redwith reda redsilver-plated redhalf-dome redcone.The redthree-strand redchain redsections redof redthe rednecklace redare redboth red12 redinches redin redoverall redlength redand redare redmade redup redof redtwo redouter redstrands redof red7x10mm redsilver-toned redmetal redfigaro redlink redchain, redplus redan redinterior redlength redof redblack redaluminum redcurb redlink redchain. redThe redentire rednecklace redmeasures reda redwhopping red48 redinches redin redoverall redlength. redThe redterminus redis redmarked redwith reda redsilver-plated redtrigger redclasp redand redan redover-sized redsilver-plated redjump redring; redhowever, redthe rednecklace redis redso redlong redthat redit redis redsimple redto redjust redpop redit redover redyour redhead.MPIN redNWOI072014-01.3940. redOne redonly.I redwill redship redthis redyour redway redthe rednext redbusiness redday redvia redUSPS redinsured redfirst redclass redmail redwith reda redtracking redID rednumber. redIf redyou redneed redexpedited redshipping, redplease redcontact redme redfirst redfor reda redshipping redquote. redSara redJewelry redDesign. redYour redDesire redis redOur redDesign.

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