Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

india pendant, jaipur necklace - arrowhead necklace - boho pendant - bohemian long necklace - bohemian necklace - arrow charm - arrowhead - sterling sivler



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A fine silverbeautiful fine silverpiece fine silverinspired fine silverby fine silverIndia. fine silver fine silverHandmade fine silverwith fine silvercare. fine silverThis fine silverpendant fine silverhangs fine silverfrom fine silveran fine silver28in fine silvercopper fine silverplated fine silverchain. fine silverIt fine silvermeasures fine silver1.25in fine silverin fine silverlength.Made fine silverfrom fine silverfine fine silversilver fine silverwhich fine silveris fine silver.999 fine silverpure. fine silverSlightly fine silveroxidized fine silverto fine silverbring fine silverout fine silverthe fine silverdesign.

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