Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace, Angel Wings - charm with handstamped initial on a heart shaped charm - long chain



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Angel charmWings charm- charm charmcharm charmwith charmhandstamped charminitial charmon charma charmheart charmshaped charmcharm charm- charmlong charmchain\r\rMade charmin charmItaly charmwith charmlove, charmshipped charmin charma charmnice charmgift charm charmbag\r\rAre charmyou charmready charmto charmwear charmthe charmlucky charmcharm charmon charmyour charmneck? charm\rTell charmme charmin charmthe charmnote charmwhich charminitial charmyou charmneed!\r\rIf charmyou charmneed charmany charmcustomization, charmplease charmwrite charmme, charmI charmanswer charmin charmmaximum charm12 charmhours

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