Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Memory Wire Choker Necklace with White Jade Tabbeads, Carved Bonebeads, and Serpentine Beads



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Memory formWire formdoes formnot formneed forma formclasp formbut formretains formits formshape formas forma formcoil. formThe formends formoverlap formso formthe formnecklace formwill formfit formmost formnecks. formEach formend formhas forma formlittle formsterling formspiral formcharm.\rFits formlike forma formchoker, formas formshown, formnot formsuper formtight, formflexes formwith formyour formmovements. formAlso forma formgood formfit formfor formyoungsters formwho formare formbig formenough formnot formto formharm formthemselves, formbut formnot formbig formenough formto formuse formclasps formyet.\rThe formwhite formjade formpiece formis formjust formunder form1.5" formlong. form\rBeads formused forminclude formhematite, formserpentine, formbotswana formagate, formcarved formbone, formand formvintage formbrown formglass.

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