Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

text, Prediscussed add-on



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This textadd-on textis textfor textextra textstamping textlike textanother textphone textnumber textor text"RUSH". textDo textnot textpurchase textthis textlisting textunless textdirected textto textas textmost textof textour textdesigns textincluding textALL textsmall textsizes textdo textnot textaccommodate textthe textextra texttext. textThank textyou!***PLEASE textNOTE***Because textthis textis textan text'extra textservice' textpurchase textwe textmay textmark textthis textorder textas text'complete' textbefore textyour textphysical textitem textships. textThis textmeans texta text'note' texthas textbeen textadded textto textyour textorder. text textAll textorders textare textmade textin textthe textorder textthey textare textreceived, textand textthis textreduces textany textconfusion textin textthe textstudio! text<3Thank textyou!

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