Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pride and prejudice, Pride And Prejudice - Peacock - with Tiny Heart Charm -Micro Mini Book Necklace



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Size: charm charm1 charm charmin. charmtall5/8 charmin charmwide1/4 charmin charmthickThese charmadorable charmlittle charmbooks charmcome charmas charmshown charmwith charmyour charmchoice charmof charmsize charmof charmSilver charmPlated charmRolo charmChainThe charmbook charmcovers charmare charmColor charmLaser charmPrinted. charmI charmcoat charmthe charmcover charmimage charmwith charma charmthin charmlayer charmof charmnon charmtoxic charmglaze charmfor charmsturdiness charmand charmprotection. charmThe charmimage charmis charmthen charmfolded charmover charm charmcardstock charmand charmglued charmon, charmso charmthere charmare charmno charmraw charmedges charmexposed. charm charmThe charmpages charmare charmmade charmof charmwood charmand charmpainted charmwhite. charm charm charmAn charmeye charmpin charmis charmsecurely charmattached charmto charmthe charmspine charmof charmthe charmpages charmand charma charmjump charmring charmis charmattached.The charmpage charmblock charmis charmthen charminserted charmand charmglued charmto charmcover. charmBooks charmdo charmnot charmopen. charmThis charmprocess charmmakes charmthe charmbook charmvery charmdurable charmand charmsturdy, charmwith charmthe charmlook charmand charmfeel charmof charma charmreal charmhardcover charmbook, charmjust charmmuch charmtinier charmor charmcourse!Enjoy charmbrowsing, charmthank charmyou!

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