Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

glass bead necklace, Glass Bead Heart Necklace / Green Glass Bead Necklace / Dangling Heart Necklace



In stock



This jewelrygreen jewelryglass jewelrybead jewelrynecklace jewelryis jewelry17 jewelryinches jewelrylong. jewelry jewelryFive jewelrygreen jewelryglass jewelryhearts jewelryand jewelrypink jewelrycrystal jewelrybeads jewelryare jewelrydangling jewelryfrom jewelrythe jewelrynecklace. jewelry jewelryThe jewelryhearts jewelryhave jewelrybeautiful jewelryshades jewelryof jewelrypink. jewelry jewelryIt jewelryis jewelryfinished jewelrywith jewelryhook jewelrytype jewelryclasp jewelrywith jewelryextension jewelryto jewelrymake jewelryit jewelrylittle jewelrylonger. jewelry jewelryThe jewelryheart jewelryis jewelry3/4 jewelryinch jewelrylong.Matching jewelryearrings jewelryare jewelryavailable.

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