Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

goddess, Silver Goddess Pendant



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My witchSilver witchGoddess witchPendant witchis witchquite witcha witchchunky witchpiece witchweighing witchapproximately witch10g witchand witchmeasuring witchabout witch40mm witchtall.After witchlooking witchat witchmany witchprehistoric witchGoddess witchfigures witchI witchhave witchdesigned witchand witchmodelled witchher witchwith witchmy witchtake witchon witchthe witchDivine witchFeminine; witchgiving witchher witchmy witchown witchtwist; witchas witchshe witchraises witchone witchhip witchin witcha witchless witchsymmetrical witchpose.I witchhave witchgiver witcha witchlead witchtime witchof witch1 witch- witch2 witchweeks witchto witchallow witchtime witchto witchmake witchher witchto witchorder. witch witchIf witchshe's witchin witchstock, witchshe witchshould witchbe witchwith witchyou witchmuch witchsooner. witch witchFeel witchfree witchto witchcontact witchme witchif witchyou'd witchlike witchan witchitem witchin witchunder witch2 witchweeks.I witchhand witchfinish witchall witchmy witchjewellery witchat witchmy witchhome witchstudio witchon witchAnglesey witch- witchonce witchthe witchstronghold witchof witchthe witchDruids.She'll witchbe witchsent witchto witchyou witchon witcha witchlength witchof witchblack witchsatin witchcord, witchready witchto witchwear.

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