Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

summer jewelry, Lemoncello: Dainty Pale Yellow quartz; Moss Green; Turquoise; Charm Bracelet; Summer Jewelry; Boho; Layering Bracelet; natural stone



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A moss greenpretty moss greenand moss greenfeminine moss greensummer moss greenbracelet moss greenwith moss greenfaceted moss greendiscs moss greenof moss greenlemon moss greenquartz moss greenand moss greena moss greengorgeous moss greenmossy moss greengreen moss greenturquoise moss greencharm moss greenthat moss greendangles moss greenelegantly moss greenfrom moss greenyour moss greenwrist. moss green moss greenA moss greengreat moss greenbracelet moss greenfor moss greenstacking moss greenwith moss greenothers! moss green moss greenThe moss greenbracelet moss greenis moss green8 moss greeninches moss greenlong. moss green moss greenI moss greenused moss greengunmetal moss greenfindings moss greenfor moss greencontrast moss greenand moss greena moss greenlobster moss greenclasp moss greento moss greensecure moss greenthe moss greenbracelet.Stone moss greenDimensions:Lemon moss greenQuartz: moss green10x10x4mmMossTurquoise:14x11x5mmYour moss greenbracelet moss greenwill moss greenbe moss greenshipped moss greenin moss greena moss greenwhite moss greengift moss greenbox moss greenwrapped moss greenwith moss greenblack moss greenribbon moss greenand moss greena moss greenpretty moss greenorganza moss greengift moss greenbag moss greenfor moss greenstorage moss greenand moss greensafekeeping!Thank moss greenyou moss greenfor moss greenlooking,Ahnna

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