Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

hurstjewelry, Capri Blue Crystal Dragonfly Necklace



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Hand hand paintedpainted hand paintedsilver hand paintedplated hand painteddragonfly hand paintedand hand paintedsealed hand paintedwith hand paintedresin. hand painted hand paintedThe hand paintedSwarovski hand paintedcrystals hand paintedare hand paintedset hand paintedinto hand paintedthe hand paintedresin. hand painted hand paintedDangling hand paintedcoordinating hand paintedteardrop hand paintedSwarovski hand paintedCrystal hand paintedbead. hand painted hand paintedThe hand paintedoverall hand paintedlength hand paintedof hand paintedthe hand painteddragonfly hand paintedpendant hand paintedis hand painted1 hand painted3/4 hand paintedinches hand paintedlong. hand painted hand paintedAn hand painted18 hand paintedinch hand paintedSterling hand paintedsilver hand paintedbox hand paintedchain hand paintedis hand paintedincluded.

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