Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

unique band, 1.35ct Genuine White Sapphire Solitaire



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Stunning unique bandshine unique bandand unique bandsparkle. unique band7mm unique bandWhite unique bandSapphire unique bandequals unique band1.35ct.This unique bandSri unique bandLankan unique band unique bandSapphire unique bandis unique bandgenuine unique bandand unique bandheat unique bandonly, unique bandhence unique bandthe unique bandclarity.Color unique band unique bandDClarity unique bandVVS/IFUnique unique bandband unique bandsetting unique bandin unique bandsturdy unique bandsterling unique bandsilver unique bandand unique bandRhodium unique bandCoated unique bandfor unique bandlonger unique bandshine unique bandand unique banddurability.This unique bandring unique bandis unique bandlisted unique bandalso unique bandin unique band14k unique bandgold unique bandin unique bandmy unique bandshop.This unique bandring unique bandcan unique bandbe unique bandmade unique band14k unique bandor unique band18k unique bandin unique bandeither unique bandwhite, unique bandrose unique bandor unique bandyellow unique bandgold unique bandat unique bandthe unique bandmarket unique bandprice.Layaway unique bandavailable.P45

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