Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

artisan earrings, COLORS -Orly Zeelon Cameo Tinker Bell Earrings - Casual Jewelry - Everyday Jewelry - Gift For Her - Cameo Jewelry - Crystals Jewelry -



In stock



The color blockCameo color blockTinkerbell color blockearring color blockis color blockreminiscent color blockof color blockVictorian color blockstyle color blockjewelry color blockand color blockdesign. color blockThe color blockcenter color blockof color blockattraction color blockis color blockthe color blockbeautiful color blockhand color blockcrafted color blockcameo color blockset color blockwith color blocktiny color blockStrass color blockstones color blockembedded color blockinto color blockthe color blockenamel color blockwork color blockimage. color blockThe color blockouter color blockpart color blockof color blockthe color blockcameo color blockis color blockworked color blockon color blockfiligree color blockThe color blockcameo color blocktop color blockis color blockfitted color blockwith color blocka color blockclassic color blocksmall color blockflower color blockset color blockwith color blocka color blockSwarovski color blockrhinestone color blocka. color blockThe color blockbottom color blockof color blockthe color blockcameo color blockis color blockaccented color blockwith color blocka color blockdangling color blocktassel color blockshaped color blocklike color blocka color blockTinker color blockbell.Shown color blockhere color blockin color block4 color blockoptions: color blockdelft, color blockcornflower, color blockChristmas color blockand color blockpastel; color blockselect color blockyour color blockfavorite. color blockMore color blockcolors color blockavailable-see color blocklink color blockbelow.Measurements:Length: color block4.6cm color block[1.81 color blockinch]Width: color block1.5 color blockcm color block[0.59 color blockinch]Additional color blockcolors: color blockcharacteristics:The color blockclasp color blockis color blocka color blockbrass color blockfish color blockhook color blocktype.Metal color blockFinish color blockis color blockAntique color blockBrass color blockplating color blockover color blockeither color blockbrass color blockor color blockspecially color blockdesigned color blockand color blockcast color blockelements; color blocknickel color blockand color blocklead color blockfree. color blockSometimes color blocktouches color blockof color blockgold color blockor color blockgreen color blockeffect color blockto color blockenrich color blockthe color blockcolor color blockpalette. color blockThe color blockAntique color blockBrass color blocklook color blockcreates color blocka color blockclassic color blockOld-Age color blockRustic color blockbut color blocknot color blockShabby color blockstyle color blockto color blockall color blockour color blockitems.Comes color blockgift color blockwrapped color blockwith color blockan color blockoriginal color blockOrly color blockZeelon color blocktag color block[shown color blockon color blockthe color blocklast color blockimage]

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