Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

painted jewelry, Black Pug Dog Beaded Necklace Hand Painted Shell Pendant



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This pug paintingoffer pug paintingis pug paintingfor pug paintinga pug painting pug paintinghand pug paintingpainted pug paintingshell pug paintingslice pug paintingpendant pug paintingand pug paintinga pug paintingbeaded pug paintingnecklace pug paintingThe pug paintinglength pug paintingof pug paintingthe pug paintingnecklace pug paintingis pug paintingabout pug painting20" pug painting pug paintingand pug paintingthe pug paintingpendant pug paintingmeasures pug painting2" pug paintingdiameter pug painting(that's pug paintinginches"). pug paintingPlease pug paintingemail pug paintingme pug paintingif pug paintingyou pug paintinghave pug paintingany pug paintingquestions. pug paintingThanks pug paintingfor pug paintinglooking

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