Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace, Sterling Silver Tiny HOPE & heart Charm - Pendant - Tag



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* circle15 circlex circle7mm circlehand-stamped circlesterling circlesilver circlependant/charm/tag circlestamped circlewith circle"HOPE" circleand circlea circlecut-out circleheart----> circlePlease circlenote circlethe circlesize circle- circlethis circlependant/charm/tag circleis circleTINY!A circleportion circleof circlethe circleproceeds circlefrom circlethe circlesale circleof circlethis circleitem circlewill circlebenefit circlethe circle501(c)(3) circlecharities circleIMAlive, circle( circle& circleTo circleWrite circleLove circleon circleHer circleArms circle( circleitem circlein circlethe circlephoto circleis circlean circleexample circleof circlethe circleitem circleyou'll circlereceive. circle circleHand-stamping circlemeans circlevariation: circlethis circleis circleintentional, circleto circlewit: circlethey circleare circleall circledifferent. circle circleI circleknow circleit circlehappens, circleand circleit's circleon circlepurpose! circle circleYou'll circlehave circlea circleone-of-a-kind circlepiece circlethat circlewas circle*not* circlemade circlein circlea circlefactory."I circlemade circleit circlemyself." circle circleReally. circle circleEvery circlestamped circlepiece circleof circlejewelry circlehere circleis circlehand-stamped circleand circlepatinaed circleby circleyours circletruly, circlewith circleverve, circledetermination, circleand circlesalty circlelanguage. circle circleThis circleis circlea circleno-frills circleoperation, circleI'm circlea circleone-person circleshop. circle circleWant circlea circlevariation circleon circlethe circleitem circleyou circlesee circlehere? circle circleReach circleout circleand circleask circleme circlefor circlea circlecustom circlepiece! circle circleI'd circlebe circlehappy circleto circlework circlewith circleyou. circle circleAll circlesterling circlesilver circletiny circledisc circlependants circleof circlethis circletype circleare circle$10, circleeven circlefor circlecustom circleorders. circle circleCustom circleorders, circleplease circleallow circle3-5 circlebusiness circledays circlebefore circleshipping-- circleI circleassure circleyou-- circleif circleI circlerush circletoo circlemuch, circle*neither circleof circleus* circlewill circlebe circlehappy circlewith circlethe circleresults!Shipping circlefor circlethis circleitem circleUS circlePostal circleService circleFirst circleClass circleor circlePriority circleMail circleto circleNorth circleAmerican circlelocations circleonly circle(at circlethis circletime). circle circleShipping circlematerials circlemay circlebe circlerecycled circleor circlereused circlepackaging; circleI circleencourage circleyou circleto circlereuse circleor circlerecycle circlethe circlepackaging circlewhen circleyour circleitem circlearrives circleto circleyou!

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