Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

jewelry for feet, Barefoot Sandal..One size fits all! Handmade Metallic Elastic (either silver or gold threads) with your choice of colored beads



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The pretty feetBarefoot pretty feetSandal pretty feetcan pretty feetbe pretty feetworn pretty feetbarefoot pretty feetor pretty feetwith pretty feetsandals pretty feetor pretty feethigh pretty feetheels! pretty feet pretty feetThey pretty feetare pretty feetsexy pretty feetand pretty feetcute pretty feetwith pretty feetmultiple pretty feetuses. pretty feet pretty feetWear pretty feetthem pretty feetat pretty feeta pretty feetdinner pretty feetparty pretty feetwith pretty feetshoes...then...kick pretty feetyour pretty feetshoes pretty feetoff pretty feetand pretty feetyou pretty feethave pretty feetyour pretty feetno-guilt pretty feetshoes pretty feeton. pretty feet pretty feetCute pretty feetat pretty feetthe pretty feetbeach pretty feetor pretty feetpool...darling pretty feetwith pretty feethigh-heels-- pretty feetwhen pretty feetyou pretty feetkick pretty feetyour pretty feetshoes pretty feetoff pretty feetyou pretty feethave pretty feetdancing pretty feetshoes pretty feeton! pretty feet(Yet, pretty feetyou pretty feetare pretty feetbare-foot!) pretty feetThis pretty feetstyle pretty feetcan pretty feetalso pretty feetbe pretty feetworn pretty feeton pretty feetthe pretty feethand...All pretty feetbarefoot pretty feetsandals pretty feetcome pretty feetin pretty feetpairs. pretty feet pretty feetCOLORS: pretty feetPeacock pretty feet(multi-colored), pretty feetred, pretty feetwhite, pretty feetblack, pretty feetturquoise, pretty feetdark pretty feetblue, pretty feetteal pretty feetor pretty feetsparkly pretty feetturquoise, pretty feetamethyst pretty feetcolor/ pretty feetlite- pretty feetpurple, pretty feetcrystal, pretty feetperidot pretty feetor pretty feetlite-green, pretty feetorange, pretty feetamber,

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