Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

heart necklace, Diamond heart peace sign pendant with 18" chain; 14k white gold; .12 carat TW; gift for her; any occasion



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You diamond heartare diamond heartlooking diamond heartat diamond hearta diamond heartgorgeous diamond heart diamond heartheart diamond heartpeace diamond heartsign diamond heartdiamond diamond heartpendantwith diamond heart18" diamond heartchain. diamond heart diamond heartA diamond heartromantic diamond heartgift diamond heartfor diamond hearther. diamond heart diamond heartAny diamond heartoccasion.Metal diamond heartType: diamond heart14k diamond heartwhite diamond heartgoldWeight: diamond heart diamond heart2.1 diamond heartgramsLength: diamond heart diamond heart3/4" diamond heart diamond heart(including diamond heartbail)Width: diamond heart diamond heart5/8"Diamonds: diamond heart diamond heart.12 diamond heartcarat diamond hearttotal diamond heartweightClarity/Color: diamond heart diamond heartSI1-SI2**G-HChain: diamond heart diamond heart14k diamond heartwhite diamond heartgold diamond heart18" diamond heartfine diamond heartchain diamond heartwith diamond heartspring diamond heartring diamond heartclaspImportant: diamond heart diamond heartAll diamond heartmeasurements/diamond diamond heartgrading diamond heartare diamond heartapproximate.Good diamond heartdeal

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