Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Champagne Bridal Jewelry Setchampagne set, Convertible Necklace or Wrap Bracelet and Matching Earrings



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Champagne bridal jewelryJewelry bridal jewelrySet, bridal jewelryConvertible bridal jewelryNecklace bridal jewelryor bridal jewelryWrap bridal jewelryBracelet bridal jewelrywith bridal jewelryMatching bridal jewelryEarringsMaterials: bridal jewelrycrystals, bridal jewelryfreshwater bridal jewelrypearls, bridal jewelrysilk bridal jewelrythreadColor: bridal jewelrychampagne bridal jewelryon bridal jewelrysilver bridal jewelrycolored bridal jewelrysilk bridal jewelrythreadYou bridal jewelrywill bridal jewelryreceive:1 bridal jewelryx bridal jewelrydouble bridal jewelrystrand bridal jewelryor bridal jewelrytriple bridal jewelrystrand bridal jewelrynecklace bridal jewelry(or bridal jewelrywrap bridal jewelrybracelet)1 bridal jewelryx bridal jewelrymatching bridal jewelryearrings

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