Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

knotted, Gold And Red Tassel Necklace On Knotted Black Silk



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The long necklacered long necklaceglass long necklaceand long necklacetiny long necklacegold long necklacebeads long necklacehave long necklacebeen long necklacehand-knotted long necklaceon long necklacethe long necklaceblack long necklacesilk long necklacechain. long necklace long necklaceAt long necklacethe long necklacemiddle, long necklaceis long necklacea long necklacetassel long necklacemade long necklaceout long necklaceof long necklacewire long necklaceand long necklacered long necklacebeads. long necklace long necklaceThe long necklacetassel long necklaceis long necklacelooped long necklaceon long necklaceone long necklaceside long necklaceof long necklacethe long necklacenecklace long necklaceand long necklacerows long necklaceof long necklacebeads long necklaceare long necklacelooped long necklaceonto long necklacethe long necklaceother long necklaceside. long necklace long necklaceThe long necklacered long necklacebeads long necklace long necklaceare long necklacespecial long necklacebecause long necklacewhen long necklacethe long necklacelight long necklacehits long necklacethem long necklacethey long necklacelook long necklaceholographic. long necklace long necklaceThe long necklacenecklace long necklaceis long necklaceadjustable long necklacefrom long necklace25 long necklaceto long necklace30 long necklaceinches.I long necklaceship long necklaceout long necklacefirst long necklaceclass long necklacein long necklacea long necklacegift long necklacebox.

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