Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

rhinestone stars, Vintage Black Enamel & Rhinestone Star Earrings Set / Brooch Pendant Earrings / Star Jewelry / 3 Piece Jewelry Set / Rhinestone Earrings Set



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This star jewelryis star jewelrya star jewelrydazzling star jewelryvintage star jewelrybrooch/pendant star jewelryand star jewelryearrings star jewelryset star jewelryfeaturing star jewelrya star jewelrygold star jewelrytone star jewelryopen star jewelrywork star jewelryof star jewelryblack star jewelryenamel star jewelrystars star jewelryset star jewelrywith star jewelrybrilliant star jewelrychaton star jewelrycrystal star jewelryrhinestones.The star jewelrybrooch star jewelryhas star jewelrya star jewelryhook star jewelryon star jewelrythe star jewelryback star jewelryso star jewelrythat star jewelrycan star jewelryadditionally star jewelrybe star jewelryworn star jewelryas star jewelrya star jewelryfabulous star jewelrypendant star jewelrynecklace! star jewelry(Chain star jewelryNOT star jewelryincluded).The star jewelryclip star jewelryearrings star jewelryare star jewelryan star jewelryexact star jewelrymatch star jewelryto star jewelrythe star jewelrybrooch.~ star jewelryMEASUREMENT: star jewelryBrooch star jewelry- star jewelry3" star jewelryacross/Clip star jewelryEarrings star jewelry- star jewelry1-3/4" star jewelryacross~ star jewelryCONDITION: star jewelryExcellent~ star jewelrySIGNED: star jewelryUnsigned, star jewelrybut star jewelrybeautifully star jewelrymade star jewelryand star jewelrya star jewelrydefinite star jewelrystatement star jewelryset star jewelry... star jewelrywear star jewelryas star jewelryseparates star jewelryor star jewelrytogether!ITEM star jewelryID:26HN412*** star jewelryBe star jewelrysure star jewelryto star jewelryview star jewelrymore star jewelryjewelry star jewelryitems star jewelryat: star jewelrywww./shop/aplaceofdistinction*** star jewelryDon’t star jewelrymiss star jewelrymy star jewelryhome star jewelrydécor star jewelryshop star jewelryat: star jewelrywww./shop/chanteclairinteriors*** star jewelryView star jewelrymy star jewelryvintage star jewelrylinen star jewelryand star jewelrylace star jewelryitems star jewelryat: star jewelrywww./shop/thelaceemporium

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