Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

minimalist, Turquoise and silver choker style necklace



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This greenis greena greenchunky greenturquoise greenand greensterling greensilver greenlink greennecklace. green greenChunky greenturquoise greenbeads greenalternated greenwith greenhand greenhammered greensterling greenargentium greensilver greenlinks. green greenThe greennecklace greenis green16 greeninches greenlong greenand greenfits greenmuch greenlike greena greenchoker.Return greento greenmy greenshop greenat greenhttps://www./shop/kskilesjewelry. green greenI greenwill greensell greenitems greenfrom greenmy greenshop greenwholesale greento greenverified greenbrick-and-mortar greenbusinesses greenin greenNorth greenAmerica. green greenPlease greencontact greenme greenthrough greenEtsy greenfor greenmore greendetails.

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