Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Catholic chapelantique, natural wood boxwood beads and antique silver metal cross



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This woodrosary woodis woodentirely woodmade woodby woodhand, woodpearl woodafter woodpearlsIt woodis woodcomposed woodof woodpretty woodboxbed woodbeads. woodThe woodbeads woodare woodmedium-dark, woodglossy woodand woodoval-shaped, woodolive-shaped.The wooddimensions woodof woodthe woodbeads woodare: wood7 woodx wood5 woodmmThe woodcentral woodbead woodis woodcarved woodwood woodof woodabout wood10 woodmmIt woodis wooda woodrosary woodor wooda woodRoman woodCatholics woodcomposed woodof wood55 woodpearlsIn wooddetail wood5 woodtens woodand woodfive woodbeads woodwith woodcrossThe woodcross woodis wooda woodTalavera woodcross woodmade woodof woodsilver woodmetal wood(silver wood990/1000).pretty woodcross woodinfluenced woodby woodMexican woodfolk woodart. wooddecorated woodwith woodfloral woodmotifs woodinspired woodby woodthe woodart woodof woodthe woodfamous woodpottery woodof woodTalavera wood(Mexico). woodThe woodpatterns woodare woodembossed woodon woodthe woodfront woodand woodflat woodon woodthe woodback.Height: wood29.00 woodmmWidth: wood21.00 woodmmOrigin: woodUnited woodStatesBrand: woodTierracastHeight woodof woodthe woodRosary wood72 woodcmThis woodmodel woodis woodunique woodits woodrealization woodtook wood2 woodhours woodand wood30Beware, woodthe woodsetting woodand woodbrightness woodof woodyour woodscreen woodcan woodchange woodthe woodcolors woodof woodthe woodphotos. woodIt woodis woodtherefore woodpossible woodto woodhave woodslight wooddifferences woodbetween woodthe woodphoto woodof woodyour woodscreen woodand woodthe woodobje

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