Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

crystal cubes, Blue Ice Crystal and Glass Earrings



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A light sapphiremix light sapphireof light sapphireSwarovski light sapphirecrystal light sapphirecubes light sapphireand light sapphireglass light sapphiretwist light sapphirebeads. light sapphire light sapphireSilver light sapphireplated light sapphirenickel light sapphirefree light sapphireleverbacks. light sapphire light sapphireThese light sapphiremeasure light sapphire1 light sapphire3/4 light sapphireinches light sapphirelong light sapphirefrom light sapphirethe light sapphiretop light sapphireof light sapphirethe light sapphireleverbacks.

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