Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

red, Frida in Red Resin art pendant- featuring original sugar skull artwork by FloweroftheDead blue kahlo wearable art charm cobalt



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For cccoe teamthose cccoe teamwho cccoe teamlove cccoe teamawesome cccoe teamsugar cccoe teamskull cccoe teamjewelry! cccoe teamFeatures cccoe teamthe cccoe teamoriginal cccoe teamartwork cccoe teamby cccoe teamthe cccoe teamamazing cccoe teamartist cccoe teamFloweroftheDead, cccoe teamthis cccoe teampiece cccoe teamis cccoe teamcalled cccoe team"Frida cccoe teamin cccoe teamRed". cccoe teamThese cccoe teampendants cccoe teamare cccoe team cccoe teamreal cccoe teamconversation cccoe teampieces! cccoe teamWear cccoe teama cccoe teampiece cccoe teamof cccoe teamFloweroftheDead cccoe teamartwork! cccoe teamGlassy cccoe teamresin cccoe teamis cccoe teamdurable, cccoe teamlightweight cccoe teamand cccoe teamwaterproof. cccoe teamSIlver cccoe teamjumpring cccoe teamat cccoe teamthe cccoe teamtop cccoe teamto cccoe teamadd cccoe teamto cccoe teamany cccoe teamof cccoe teamyour cccoe teamfavorite cccoe teamchains, cccoe teamor cccoe teamadd cccoe teamone cccoe teamfrom cccoe teammy cccoe teamshop cccoe teamfor cccoe team$2. cccoe team cccoe teamMeasures cccoe teamabout cccoe team1" cccoe teamwide cccoe teamby cccoe team1 cccoe team1/4" cccoe teamtall.Makes cccoe teama cccoe teamgreat cccoe teamgift cccoe teamfor cccoe teamall! cccoe teamI cccoe teamcan cccoe teammake cccoe teamas cccoe teammany cccoe teamas cccoe teamyou cccoe teamwould cccoe teamlike! cccoe teamAll cccoe teamof cccoe teamother cccoe teamFlowerofthedead cccoe teamdesigns cccoe teamare cccoe teamavailable cccoe teamin cccoe teammy cccoe teammany cccoe teamstyles, cccoe teamso cccoe teaminquire cccoe teamabout cccoe teamcertain cccoe teampieces cccoe teamif cccoe teamyou cccoe teamwish!Be cccoe teamsure cccoe teamto cccoe teamsee cccoe teamthe cccoe teametsy cccoe teamshop cccoe teamof cccoe teamthe cccoe teamoriginal cccoe teamartist cccoe teamFloweroftheDead. cccoe teamfor cccoe teamthe cccoe teamprints.

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