Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

tribal, Talismanic Collar Necklace



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A shellsNeck shellspiece shellsthat shellsfeels shellslike shellsan shellsenergetic shellsshield. shellsMade shellsof shellsdistressed, shellsrepurposed shellschamois..w shellsdark shellsbrown shellslacing shellsaround shellsneck..With shellsa shellsround shellsbuffalo shellshide shellsshield shellsw shells2 shellsAfrican shellscowrie shellsshells shellsand shellsanother shellsround shellswhite shellsshell shellsin shellscenter..There shellsis shellsa shellssilver shellsjingle shellscone shellsw shellscruelty shellsfree shellschicken shellsfeathers shellshanging shellsdown shellscenter shells shells shells9" shellswide. shells7" shellslong shellsin shellscenter. shellsThere shellsis shellsdiscoloration shellson shellsthe shellsis shellsmeant shellsto shellsbe shellslike shellsthat shellsto shellscreate shellsa shellsworn, shellsloved shellsfeel..made shellswith shellsamor.

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