Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

galaxy, Ball of Fire Nebula Pendant



In stock



"Ball jewelryof jewelryFire jewelryNebula jewelryPendant" jewelryis jewelryfitted jewelrywith jewelrya jewelrybail jewelryfor jewelryuse jewelrywith jewelryyour jewelryfavorite jewelrychain jewelryor jewelrycord. jewelryCrafted jewelryfrom jewelrya jewelrypalette jewelryof jewelrydozens jewelryof jewelrycolors jewelryof jewelrypolymer jewelryclay, jewelryblended jewelryand jewelrylayered jewelryfor jewelrydimensionality jewelryand jewelrycontrastEach jewelrypiece jewelryis jewelrygiven jewelrya jewelrydistinctive jewelryname, jewelryand jewelrythis jewelryone jewelryis jewelrypart jewelryof jewelrymy jewelryseries jewelryentitled jewelry"Deep jewelrySky jewelryObjects", jewelrywhich jewelryreflect jewelrymy jewelryinterpretation jewelryof jewelryastronomical jewelryobjects jewelrybeyond jewelryour jewelrysolar jewelrysystem. jewelryDimensions: jewelry2" jewelryx jewelry1.5" jewelryoval

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