Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

brown, Classy Brown Luggage Zipper Pull Pendant



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Approximately brown2.5" brownby brown2" brownwideThis brownbeautiful brownpendant browncomes brownin browna brownvariety brownof browncolors brownand browntag brownoptions! brown**Please brownsee brownseparate brownlistings brownfor browncolors** brownAll brownluggage brownzipper brownpulls brownare brownfound brownat brownSan brownFransisco brownairport, brownand brownvery brownrarely browndo brownI browncome brownacross browntwo brownalike. brownEach brownpiece brownwill brownbe brownmade brownto brownorder, brownin brownthe brownbead browncolor brown(see brownseparate brownlistings) brownand brownpictured brownwire browncolor.It browncan brownbe brownworn brownas browna brownnecklace, browna brownkeychain browncharm, brownrearview brownmirror brownornament, brownChristmas brownornament, brownthe brownoptions brownare brownendless!**Some brownpulls brownwill brownbe brownscratched, brownbent, brownbroken, brownor brownunreadable. brownI brownthink brownthis brownis brownpart brownof brownthe browncharm. brownThey brownwill brownbe brownsanitized brownand browncleaned**

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