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kiss, Little Bowls - Copper and Enamel



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What altarwould altaryou altaruse altarsuch altara altarwee altarcute altar\u201cLittle altarBowl\u201d altarfor? altar\ud83e\udd14- altarThey altarare altarperfect altarfor altarholding altarrings altar(especially altarbands).- altarPretty altarlittle altarsalt altarbowls altaranyone?- altarThey altarMIGHT altar(please altardon\u2019t altarhold altarme altarto altarthis) altarwork altarfor altarburning altarcone altarincense...?- altarAir altarplant altarhome- altarAltar altaraccessory- altarChakra altarwork- altarOrganizing altarall altarthe altarsmall altarthings- altarMakes altara altarthoughtful altargiftOkay, altaryou altarget altarit altaralready altar\u2728\ud83e\udd17\u2728Each altarbowl altaris altarforged altarby altarhand altarfrom altar18g altarcopper altarand altarmeasures altar2.25\u201d altaracross altarand altaris altar1/2 altarinch altartall altarand altarhas altara altarflat altarbottom altarfor altarstability. altarThe altartorch-fired altarenamel altarfinish altaris altarcreated altarone altarat altara altartime altarand altarmakes altareach altarbowl altarunique. altarEach altarbowl altarhas altarthe altarLCxBM altarmark altarhandstamped altaron altarthe altarbottom. altarSome altarbowls altarhave altarbeen altarsprinkled altarwith altar\u201cpixie altardust\u201d altarwhich altaris altara altarcombination altarof altarSterling altarsilver altarand altarcopper altardust altarcollected altarafter altarsawing. altarPlease altarselect altarbowl altarfrom altarthe altardrop altardown altarusing altarthe altarphoto altarwith altarthe altarnumber altar+ altarcolor altarthat altarcorresponds altarwith altarthe altarbowl. altar*** altarHANDLE altarWITH altarCARE: altar altarEnamel altaron altarmetal altaris altarsensitive altarto altartemperature altarextremes. altar***** altarIncludes altarFREE altarUSPS altarPriority altarShipping altar**(An altar$8.30 altarvalue. altarDomestic altarorders altaronly.)

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