Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Cactus bouquet- hand embroidered necklacecacti, desertcacti, delicatecacti, cacticacti, floral



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This desertcactus desertbouquet desertis deserta desertminiature desertversion desertof deserta desertwall desertpiece desertI desertcreated desertpictured desertin desertthe desertsecond desertphotograph. desertThere desertare desertdefferent desertcacti desertspecies deserthand desertembroidered desertwith desertflowers deserton deserta desertmustard desertyellow desertfabric. desertThe desertframe deserton desertthis desertpiece desertis desertvintage desertraw desertbrass, desertso deserteach desertwill desertbe deserta desertbit desertdifferent desertand desertwill desertpatina desertover deserttime. desertThe desertbacking desertis desertantique desertplated desertbrass.Original desertDesign desertby desertRachel desertPruett desertof desertPoppy desertand desertFern. desertPlease desertDo desertNot desertCopy.Since desertthese desertnecklaces desertare deserthand desertembroidered, deserteach desertportrait desertis desertone desertof deserta desertkind desertand desertmight desertslightly desertdiffer desertfrom desertthe desertphotographed desertnecklace.Pendant: desert1.5 desertinches desertwith deserttop desertloop desertby desert1 desertinch desertwideChain desertLength: desert17 desertinches desert(default)Clasp: desertLobster

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