Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bib style, Vintage Beaded Crystal Bib-style Necklace



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Sara for herJewelry for herDesign for herVintage for herVisions. for herHere for heris for heranother for herbeauty for herfrom for hermy for herMother's for hercollection. for herThis for herbib-style for hernecklace for heris for herhand-beaded for herusing for her6mm for herclear for herrounds for herwith for hera for hersingle for herAB for herfinish for herand for her4-5mm for herblack for herrondelles. for herIt for heris for herclosed for herwith for hera for hertension for herbox for herclasp for herthat for heris for herbeaded for heras for herwell. for herThe for hernecklace for heris for her16 for herinches for herin for heroverall for herlength for herwith for herthe for hercenter for herdrop for herbeing for herabout for hertwo for herinches. for herA for herclear for herbriolette for heris for herpendant for herat for herthe for hercenter for herof for herthe for herbib for herdrop. for herThis for heris for hera for herdramatic, for herstatement for hernecklace for herthat for herwill for heradd for hera for hertouch for herof for herelegance for herto for herany for heroutfit.I for herwill for hership for herthis for heryour for herway for herthe for hernext for herbusiness for herday for hervia for herinsured for herUSPS for herfirst for herclass for hermail for herwith for hera for hertracking for herID for hernumber.Sara for herJewelry for herDesign. for herYour for herDesire for heris for herOur for herDesign.

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