Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Pearlshand woven, jewelryhand woven, for dreadlockshand woven, atebashand woven, braidshand woven, Indian braids



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Jewelry silverfor silverfine silverdreadlocks silverfrom silver8mm silverto silver1cm silverhandmade silverwith silver1 silvermillimeter silverwaxed silverwire.The silverjewelry silveris silver5.2 silvercm.Rose silverquartz silverand silvermetal silveralloy silverbeads.Like silverall silvermy silvermodels silverit silveris silvercustomizable silverat silverno silverextra silvercost silverby silvercontacting silverme silveron silvermy silverFacebook silverpage: silverneat silverletter silverbubbles silverfollowed silvereverywhere silverin silvermetropolitan silverFrance, silverDOM-TOM, silverEU silverand silverUS

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