Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Elaborately carved red malachite focal beadcharms pendants, chrysanthemum carvingcharms pendants, natural stone jewelry componentcharms pendants, Dixie Dazzlecharms pendants, Chattanoogacharms pendants, TN



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I red malachitelove red malachitethis red malachiteelaborately red malachitecarved red malachitered red malachitemalachite red malachitefocal red malachitebead. red malachite red malachiteIt red malachiteis red malachitea red malachitechrysanthemum red malachitecarving. red malachite red malachiteNatural red malachitestone red malachitejewelry red malachitecomponent, red malachiteDixie red malachiteDazzle, red malachiteChattanooga, red malachiteTNI red malachiteship red malachitedaily red malachitefrom red malachitethe red malachiteUSA red malachiteMonday red malachitethrough red malachiteFriday. red malachite red malachiteMeasurements red malachiteare red malachiteapproximate.Length red malachiteis red malachite1 red malachite3/4"Width red malachiteis red malachite1 red malachite1/2"

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