Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

WINGED DRAGON Pendant / necklace / charm --- About 1 1/2" long -- Lead and Nickle Free --- (compentagram, #pend0007)



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- wiccaITEM: wiccaOne wicca(1) wiccaWINGED wiccaDRAGON wiccaPendant wicca(#pend0007)- wiccaCONDITION: wiccanew- wiccaSIZE: wicca wiccaAbout wicca1 wicca1/2" wiccalong wicca- wiccaNot wiccaincluding wiccathe wiccabail.Nice wiccaZINC wiccabased wiccaWINGED wiccaDRAGON wiccapendant. wicca wiccaLead wiccaand wiccaNickle wiccafree.Single wiccasided.These wiccawork wiccagreat wiccaas wiccaindividual wiccanecklaces wicca(does wiccanot wiccacome wiccawith wiccachain, wiccadoes wiccanot wiccacome wiccawith wiccaa wiccajump wiccaring), wiccaor wiccaincorporated wiccainto wiccayour wiccahandmade wiccajewelry wiccaproject.NOTE: wicca wiccaThese wiccaare wiccaNOT wiccahandmade wiccaby wiccaus. wicca wiccaThis wiccawas wiccamade wiccaby wiccaa wiccasecondary wiccaparty.===================================ABOUT wiccaOUR wiccaJEWELRYMost wiccaof wiccathe wiccajewelry wiccawe wiccasell wiccais wiccahandmade wiccaby wiccaEclipse wiccaGemstones. wicca wiccaWe wiccaonly wiccause wiccanatural wiccagemstones wiccain wiccaour wiccajewelry wiccabecause wiccawe wiccabelieve wiccanature wiccaprovides wiccaall wiccaof wiccathe wiccamagic wiccaand wiccabeauty wiccato wiccaour wiccajewelry wiccapieces. wicca wicca wiccaIf wiccaanything wiccaother wiccathen wiccaa wiccanatural wiccagemstone wiccais wiccaused, wiccawhich wiccais wiccavery wiccarare, wiccait wiccawill wiccabe wiccaclearly wiccanoted wiccain wiccaour wiccalistings. wicca wicca wiccaFrom wiccatime wiccato wiccatime wiccawe wiccawill wiccasell wiccajewelry wiccamade wiccaby wiccaa wiccasecondary wiccaparty. wicca wiccaThese wiccawere wiccanot wiccahandmade wiccaby wiccaus.SAVE wiccaMONEY:Save wiccamoney wiccaby wiccapurchasing wiccagemstones wiccain wicca3 wiccapacks, wicca10 wiccapack, wiccaand wicca1 wiccapound wiccaquantities wicca! wicca wiccaWe wiccaalso wiccaoffer wiccacombined wiccashipping wiccarates. wicca wicca wiccaPurchase wiccamultiple wiccaitems wiccaat wiccaone wiccatime wiccaand wiccasave wicca!!!STOCK wiccaPHOTO: wiccaThe wiccaUS wiccaQuarter wicca($0.25) wiccain wiccathe wiccaphoto wiccais wiccaonly wiccato wiccashow wiccathe wiccasize wiccaof wiccathe wiccastones wiccaand wiccadoes wiccanot wiccacome wiccawith wiccayour wiccaorder. wicca wiccaThe wiccaphoto wiccaabove wiccais wiccaa wiccageneral wiccarepresentation wiccaof wiccastyle wiccaof wiccagemstones wiccayou wiccawill wiccareceive. wicca wiccaThe wiccashapes wiccaand wiccacolors wiccayou wiccareceive wiccamay wiccabe wiccaslightly wiccadifferent wiccain wiccaaddition wiccato wiccaa wiccaslightly wiccadifferent wiccacolor wiccapouch.A wiccaLittle wiccaAbout wiccaUs wiccaand wiccaThis wiccaListing:** wicca wiccaGemstone wiccaproperties wiccaand wiccauses wiccalisted wiccaabove wiccaand wiccaNOT wiccaguaranteed. wicca wiccaThe wiccauses wiccafor wiccagemstones wiccavary wiccafrom wiccadecorative wiccauses wiccathrough wiccacrystal wiccahealing wiccaand wiccachakra wiccawork. wicca wiccaWhile wiccahealers wiccaand wiccathose wiccaof wiccacertain wiccaspiritualists wiccabelieve wiccagemstones wiccahold wiccaa wiccapower, wiccawe wiccacannot wiccaguarantee wiccasuccess, wiccathe wiccapowers wiccaof, wiccaor wiccathe wicca"uses" wiccaof wiccagemstones wiccain wiccarelation wiccato wiccaanything wiccaother wiccathen wiccadecorative wiccauses. wicca wicca** wicca wiccaWe wiccaoffer wiccaCOMBINED wiccaSHIPPING wiccarates wiccaon wiccaall wiccaitems wiccawe wiccasell. wicca wiccaThe wiccaeBay wiccasystem wiccashould wiccagive wiccayou wiccaa wiccacombined wiccashipping wiccaquote wicca... wiccaif wiccait wiccadoes wiccanot, wiccaplease wiccamessage wiccame. wicca wiccaI wiccacan wiccalet wiccayou wiccaknow wiccashipping wiccacosts wiccabefore wiccayou wiccapurchase. wicca** wicca wiccaWe wiccaship wiccawithin wicca24 wiccato wicca48 wiccahours wiccaof wiccareceipt wiccaof wiccayour wiccapayment. wicca** wiccaReturns wiccaARE wiccaaccepted. wicca wiccaPlease wiccacontact wiccaus wiccawithin wicca7 wiccadays. wicca wiccaWe wiccawill wiccado wiccaeverything wiccapossible wiccato wiccacorrect wiccaany wiccaproblems wiccaor wiccarefund wiccathe wiccapurchase wiccaprice wiccaless wiccashipping. wicca** wiccaWe wiccahave wiccabeen wiccaselling wiccaonline wiccasince wicca1995 wiccathrough wiccavarious wiccavenues wiccaand wiccahave wiccarun wicca3 wiccadifferent wiccabusinesses. wiccaWe wiccahave wiccaalways wiccafocused wiccaon wiccaquality wiccaproducts wiccaand wiccaexcellent wiccacustomer wiccaservice.

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