Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

NYC WAREHOUSE FiND! Metal Flower Linkpendant, 40mmpendant, Sold Individually; CHooSE METAL: Brushed Brassy Gold and Antique Silver



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NYC silverWAREHOUSE silverFIND silver! silver silverUNIQUE!Metal silverFlower silverLink, silver40mm silverin silversize silverwith silvertwo silversoldered silverlinksSold silverIndividually. silver silverYou silverwill silverreceive silverone silverpendant silverper silverpurchase.CHOOSE silverYOUR silverMETAL silverFROM silverTHE silverDROP silverDOWN silverMENU silverABOVE:Brushed silverBrassy silverGold, silver40mm, silver1 silverpieceAntique silverSilver, silver40mm, silver1 silverpiece* silverwill silvernot silverbe silverrestocked silver*Bead silver& silverGlass silverBoutique silver- silverYour silverFavorite silverLocal-Long silverDistance silverBead silverShop, silveron silverEtsy!www.BeadAndGlassBoutique.Etsy.comHome silverof silverthe silverSpeedy silverBeady silverDelivery

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