Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

caddy, Cow Ring Holder



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A 3dfriendly 3dand 3dwhimsical 3dcow 3dto 3dbrighten 3dyour 3dday.Who 3dcould 3dresist 3dthat 3dface 3dand 3dnot 3dwant 3dto 3dplay?You 3dwill 3dreceive 3da 3dcow 3das 3dpictured. 3d 3dIf 3dyou 3dreally 3dwant 3da 3dcertain 3dcolor 3dlet 3dme 3dknow 3d- 3dbut 3dI 3dcan't 3dpromise.This 3dis 3dan 3doriginal 3dpattern, 3dcoded 3dand 3dthen 3dprinted 3dby 3dme.Note 3d: 3dEach 3ditem 3dis 3dmade 3dfrom 3dtwo 3dpieces 3dglued 3dtogether 3din 3dhalves. 3d 3dThere 3dis 3da 3dsmall 3ddrainage 3dhole 3din 3deach 3dpiece. 3d 3dItems 3dcan 3dbe 3dcleaned 3dwhen 3dnecessary 3dwith 3da 3drag 3dand 3dcold 3dor 3dlukewarm 3dwater.Disclaimer: 3dThese 3dare 3dhomemade 3ditems, 3dnot 3dfactory 3drunoffs. 3d 3dThere 3dwill 3dbe 3dlittle 3dimperfections, 3dand 3dthat 3djust 3dshows 3dthat 3dit 3dwas 3dmade 3dby 3da 3dperson 3dWITH 3da 3dmachine, 3dnot 3da 3dgiant 3dfactory 3dprocess. 3d 3dI 3dwill 3dsand 3dand 3dtry 3dto 3dclean 3dup 3dimperfections 3dbut 3dthey 3dmake 3deach 3ditem 3dunique. 3d 3d'wabi-sabi', 3dthey 3dsay.. 3dit 3dis 3d"imperfect, 3dimpermanent, 3dand 3dincomplete" 3dbut 3dno 3done 3delse 3dis 3dgoing 3dto 3dhave 3danything 3dquite 3dlike 3dit.

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