Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Blue Green Tree Pendant Necklacetree of life, Hand Painted



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This tree necklacehand tree necklacepainted tree necklaceblue tree necklacegreen tree necklacepolymer tree necklaceclay tree necklacetree tree necklaceof tree necklacelife tree necklacependant tree necklacefeatures tree necklacelovely tree necklacecolor tree necklacecombinations tree necklaceand tree necklacetexture. tree necklaceI tree necklacescored tree necklacerecessed tree necklaceareas tree necklaceinto tree necklacean tree necklaceoff-white tree necklacedisc tree necklaceof tree necklacepolymer tree necklaceclay tree necklaceand tree necklacemixed tree necklaceliquid tree necklacepolymer tree necklaceclay tree necklaceinto tree necklacecustom tree necklaceshades tree necklaceof tree necklaceblue, tree necklacegreen, tree necklaceand tree necklaceyellow. tree necklaceI tree necklaceadded tree necklacefinely tree necklaceground tree necklacecoffee tree necklaceto tree necklacethe tree necklacebrown tree necklaceI tree necklaceused tree necklaceto tree necklacepaint tree necklacethe tree necklacetrunk tree necklaceand tree necklacebranches tree necklaceof tree necklacethe tree necklacetree.After tree necklacebaking tree necklacethis tree necklacepiece, tree necklacea tree necklacenice tree necklacecoat tree necklaceof tree necklacesunlight tree necklacecured tree necklaceresin tree necklacegave tree necklaceit tree necklacethat tree necklaceglassy tree necklacesurface. tree necklaceA tree necklacebrass tree necklacebail tree necklaceis tree necklacesecured tree necklaceto tree necklacethe tree necklaceback tree necklaceusing tree necklaceindustrial tree necklacegrade tree necklaceadhesive. tree necklaceThe tree necklace1.25 tree necklaceinch tree necklacecircle tree necklacependant tree necklaceis tree necklacestrung tree necklaceon tree necklacea tree necklacedark tree necklacebrown tree necklacewaxed tree necklaceleather tree necklacecord. tree necklaceThe tree necklacelength tree necklaceadjusts tree necklacebetween tree necklace18 tree necklaceand tree necklace22 tree necklaceinches, tree necklacefastening tree necklacewith tree necklacea tree necklacesilver tree necklaceplated tree necklacelobster tree necklaceclaw tree necklaceclasp tree necklaceand tree necklacechain.

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