Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mid century vintage necklacebeaded necklace, double strand collar or chokerbeaded necklace, gold beads on delicate chain



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Mid gold beadscentury gold beadsvintage gold beadscollar gold beadsor gold beadschoker gold beadsnecklace. gold beadsTwo gold beadsstrands gold beadsof gold beadsgold gold beadsbeads gold beadsare gold beadsstrung gold beadson gold beadsdelicate gold beadschain. gold beadsAdjustable gold beadshook gold beadsclasp. gold beadsVery gold beadspretty. gold beadsExcellent gold beadscondition. gold beadsFits gold beadsup gold beadsto gold beads15" gold beadslong. gold beadsHas gold beadsa gold beadslittle gold beadsbit gold beadsof gold beadsweight gold beadsto gold beadsit gold beadsbut gold beadsnot gold beadsheavy.Ships gold beadsin gold beadsa gold beadsgift gold

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