Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mod vintage earringsretro fashion, red enamel hexagon dangle for pierced ears



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Red retro fashionenamel retro fashionearrings retro fashionwith retro fashionpost retro fashionbacks. retro fashionHexagons retro fashionhang retro fashionfrom retro fashiondots retro fashionvia retro fashiondarkened retro fashionsilver retro fashiontone retro fashionhoops. retro fashionExcellent retro fashioncondition, retro fashionno retro fashionissues. retro fashionlook retro fashionnever retro fashionworn. retro fashionTotal retro fashionlength retro fashionis retro fashionjust retro fashionunder retro fashion1.5". retro fashion60s retro fashionlook retro fashionbut retro fashionfeel retro fashionmore retro fashionlike retro fashion80s/90s retro fashionwith retro fashionjust retro fashiona retro fashionlittle retro fashionbit retro fashionof retro fashionweight retro fashionto retro fashionthem, retro fashionbut retro fashionnot retro fashionheavy.Ships retro fashionin retro fashiona retro fashiongift retro

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