Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

blue mod teardrop earringsmod earrings, dangle with posts for pierced ears



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Blue mod earringsenamel mod earringsearrings mod earringswith mod earringspost mod earringsbacks. mod earringsTeardrops mod earringshang mod earringsfrom mod earringsdots mod earringsvia mod earringsdarkened mod earringssilver mod earringstone mod earringshoops. mod earringsExcellent mod earringscondition, mod earringsno mod earringsissues. mod earringslook mod earringsnever mod earringsworn. mod earringsTotal mod earringslength mod earringsis mod earringsjust mod earringsunder mod earrings2". mod earrings1960s mod earringslook mod earringsbut mod earringsfeel mod earringsmore mod earringslike mod earrings80s/90s mod earringswith mod earringsjust mod earringsa mod earringslittle mod earringsbit mod earringsof mod earringsweight mod earringsto mod earringsthem, mod earringsbut mod earringsnot mod earringsheavy.Ships mod earringsin mod earringsa mod earringsgift mod mod earringsmay mod earringsalso mod earringslike mod earringsthese:https://www./listing/753292591

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