Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wine jewelry, Handwoven grape cluster necklace



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Dainty grape clusterhandwoven grape clusterglass grape clustergrape grape clusterclusters grape clusterwoven grape clusterwith grape clusterneedle grape clusterand grape clusterthread grape clusteronto grape clusterseven grape clustergrape grape clusterand grape clusterleaf grape clustercharms grape clusterassembled grape clusteronto grape cluster grape clusterantiqued grape clusterbrass grape clusterchain grape clusterand grape clustersigned grape clusteron grape clusterengraved grape clustertag, grape clustermy grape clusterfruit grape clusterjewelry grape clusterhas grape clusterbeen grape clusterfeatured grape clusterin grape clusterseveral grape clusterfashion grape clustermagazines, grape clusterElle, grape clusterFashion, grape clusterCosmopolitan... grape cluster17\u201d

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