Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

forager, Mushroom Mycology Fungi Champignon Sterling Silver Hollow Form Charm



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These foragewee foragelittle foragehollow forageform foragemushroom foragecharms forageare forageperfect forageto forageadd forageto forageany foragenecklace forageor foragebracelet.Each foragemushroom forageis foragefreehand foragehandstamped forageon forage20g forageSterling foragesilver foragewith forage4 forageeyes forageto foragecreate foragea forageradiating foragepattern. forageThe forageunderside forageis foragehandstamped foragewith forage"gills" forageand forageeach forageSterling foragesilver foragestem forageis foragetotally forageunique. forageThe foragedomed foragetop forageand forageunderside forageare foragetwo forageseparate foragepieces forageso foragethe foragemushroom forageis foragehollow.Mushrooms foragerange forage18-20mm foragein forageoverall foragelength.** forageThis forageitems forageships forageFREE foragewith forageUSPS foragePriority forageShipping forageincluded forage**

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